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Great listener and magic touch. Firm but gentle in finding and relieving pain. Pleasant experience when pain subsides!

P.S. 8/25/2017


Derek was great. He listened to my needs and concerns as it related to my multiple shoulder surgeries. Took that information and incorporated it into what my massage needs were and was patient and worked hard to bring me comfort to a very tight, painful area of my shoulders. I WILL be going back again and again

D. Morris 7/10/2017

Very helpful rieving pain.

Excellent, professional job of relieving area of pain without increasing pain in the affected area or surrounding areas. Greatly improved ability to move without discomfort and is getting better as time passes.

Pat S 4/8/2017

Massage with the right approach

Derek provides the right approach in working with massage techniques. He customizes each session to the client's needs and discusses feedback and recommendations. Great deep tissue experience and suggested chiropractic care. He uses resources to benefit his clients.

Rick H 8/18/2016


I've been to see Derek many times and he is simply amazing. He has the strength to provide the pressure I need and the intuition to find the spots that need the most work. It's the best massage I've ever had!

Brad S 8/16/2016

Oh. My. Goodness! I'm more than pleased!

I heard rave reviews from trusted sources, not only did I become a new recurring client, but have referred my close circle of friends. You are more than ecstatic with the service(s) provided. I'm selective when it comes to my personal care & this is, by far, the most intense but rewarding massage experience you will have. AND you can ask questions that get answered. If you're in search of a relaxing / theraputic massage, look no more.

J.G. 3/7/2016

Thoroughly therapeutic

Derek did a wonderful job of working through some pain I was having from really tight muscles in my upper back. He was communicative and responsive. The use of hot stones was just icing on the cake. Days later, I'm still feeling great :)

John S 3/2/2016

Positive experience

Derek manages to relieve pain without increasing discomfort in affected areas. His use of a variety of massage techniques helps him effectively treat my issues and to leave able to move more freely and comfortably. He listens to my issues and lets his hands sense the points I've missed! Very intuitive and definitely helpful.

Pat S 2/24/2016

Always finds something to work on

I have been going to Derek for at least 5 years and he really knows how to respond to my needs. He'll find things that I may not have realized when I walked in the door and I always feel great at the end of the session. Always very professional, but very friendly as well.

Harvey Z 2/15/2016

Healing hands

Derek did a very thorough initial assessment and effectively targeted his healing hands to address problem areas very thoroughly. Great session!

S.D. 10/13/2015

great rubdown

went in with a lot of neck discomfort and came out with much less! thanks! hmm...this thing tells me my review has to be at least 100 characters--

Jim Reilly 9/3/2015

Incredibly relaxing & truly therapetuic

I really look forward to my monthly massage. It is always incredibly relaxing and truly therapeutic--good for my physical and mental health and a help in improving my posture. Derek is obviously well-trained in therapeutic massage, as well as being a caring and empathetic person.

Dave W 8/17/2015


I'll definitely be back--the massage is a great stress reliever and fells almost like a good workout!

Jim Reilly 8/1/2015

Just what I needed

After a 10 day week working at my desk, Derek was able to loosen up my very tired, very tight back and neck. His combination of massage and stretching relieved much of the pain that I had begun to experience. I look forward to my follow up visit to keep me loose and moving!

Alicia S 7/20/2015

great Massage !

I workout regularly, my thighs and calves get really tight. Derek was able to see me on the same day I requested a massage. He is very friendly, his home is very clean, parking was easy. Derek's massage technique was deep enough to relieve the tension in my legs and back. My entire massage experience was very enjoyable. I plan on returning for another massage.

M.D. 6/12/2015

My first massage!

I saw Derek for a 60-minute massage, (a present from my son for mother's day). He began the session with giving me information about what he does and how it is beneficial for my very tight neck and shoulder muscles. I am now going to get regular massages with Derek. I feel like a new person! He is professional, thorough, strong but gentle and knew how to help loosen the trouble spots. He took extra time with me as well. Thank you, Derek!

Deb Skinner 6/8/2015

90 Minute Deep Tissue

I saw Derek for a 90 minute deep tissue massage. He performed a very thorough assessment before beginning and checked in regularly throughout the massage to make sure the pressure was what I wanted. He has a very strong and sensitive touch and focused on all my trouble spots. He is very thorough and exceeded my expectations. I'll definitely return.

Steve F 4/15/2015


Derek really knows how to find the trouble spots and dig in. I rarely find a therapist that can work as deeply as I need and he is very strong and intuitive. I'll be back very soon!

Brad S 3/9/2015

Great massage

I've gotten about four massages from Derek now, and am getting into a somewhat regular cycle. I try to do some self-massage with foam rollers, etc, but nothing really compares to the way he lifts and works around muscles. And not just the traditional shoulders or legs, either; I'm really amazed at how he can work on my hands and forearms. He does great work at a good price!

Sean H 3/6/2015

He's wonderful!!

I see Derek once a month and always experience an amazing deep tissue massage. Perhaps you've heard me scream :-) He has an uncanny ability to find the muscles where I live and need the most attention.

Glenn O 11/7/2014

Responsive and intuitive

I have been a client of Derek's for several years now. Having arthritis in my back and several major joints, I look forward to receiving a massage from Derek to loosen the muscles that have become tighter and less flexible in response to the arthritic pain in my joints. Derek responds well to my comments about the level of pain I am experiencing and is able to work with me to loosen the affected muscles in oder to regain more ability in those areas. I have recommended friends to him often.

P.O. 10/5/2014

Professional and Effective!

My first visit to see Derek was a terrific experience. Nice consultation to determine the best course of action. Strained my back trying to keep up with the 20-year-olds. I am 56. Looking forward to my follow-up visit today. I would highly recommend Derek. Nice, comfortable environment, very clean, etc..

Curt Mackenzie 10/1/2014

Magic touch

I can always count on an energy renewing massage that gives me an opportunity to have tender spots relaxed, issues not recognized found and dealt with and the ability to walk out more easily than I could walk in. I always wait with anticipation for the relief I get with a Derek massage! Magic, intuitive fingers indeed.

Pat S 8/14/2014

Amazing massage!

I've been getting deep tissue massages once a month from Derek for over a year. I keep coming back because he's really good at what he does! If his miracle hands can work out my knots he can do anyone's. And as a bonus he's a genuinely nice guy.

G.O. 8/12/2014

Great Sports Massage

Derek is simply a great massage therapist! He gives an amazing sports massage with lots of deep tissue work. I highly recommend him.

Paul R 8/6/2014

well balanced

The massage was a perfect blend of relaxing and yet plenty of pressure to loosen problem or tight areas. The warm towels and stretching aspects are a nice touch.

Jared H 3/26/2014


I was impressed by the attention to detail from the warm compresses to the the stretching to working my muscles with sppropriate pressure. The entire experience was fantastic.

Alicia Sauer 3/15/2014

great massage!

Excellent skilled massage therapy and very affordable. Being a runner and having an office job I get upper back muscle pain and stiff legs as well. Felt better right away

K.N. 2/21/2014

Relaxing Massage

Derek's approach and skill are outstanding. I was impressed with his ability to ask pertinent questions and work on the areas of my body that need work. I felt amazing after the massage...light relaxed and renewed. I'm excited to have him come to my home again for another rejuvenation experience.

Dan 2/17/2014

Awesome massage!

Derek provides an awesome massage experience In a clean comfortable setting. Derek is professional, and knowledgeable of a variety of massage techniques. I found his massage to be relaxing and rejuvenating. I will definitely be back!

wayne c 2/6/2014

Very good substitute for my regular MT

I found myself without massage therapist at a time of annoying stiffness, as my regular MT was in vacation and his "substitute" sick. I've had massages for 15 years due to very demanding physical activity for both work and pleasure. I will not change MT at this point being very happy with the deep tissue massages I receive. However, if my regular MT move out or retire or if I find myself in the same situation, I need to search no more for a replacement.

J.S. 1/7/2014

Awesome Massage

Derek gave a very fine massage, I have had massage on a regular basis and this was one of the very best of all.. Pleasant atmosphere and very professional attitude.

Timm Caven 1/5/2014

One of the best massages I've ever had

Derek did a fantastic job. He was attentive, gentle, and intuitive. He asked all the right questions before we began and I especially enjoyed the suggestions and tips he provided for my back pain. My massage was a superb way to begin the year and a day later I still feel wonderful. As a person with chronic lower back pain, I'd recommend Derek to anyone who needs deep tissue work.

Dara Beevas 1/4/2014


sports massage with Derek was one of the best I've ever received. He digs deep and can really work out the knots, apply's just the right amount of pressure that is very focused on areas that need work the most.

Ken 12/3/2013

Mighty fine massage

I enjoyed a 60 minute deep tissue massage from Derek and it certainly was. He knows what he's doing and knows how to find those nasty knots. I've already scheduled my next massage. He's very good!

G.O. 10/9/2013

Wonderfully Relaxing!

I had a 60 minute massage in preparation for a cross-country move, and it was exactly what my body needed! Derek was very tentative of my wants and needs, and adjusted pressure according to my muscle tension. This was by far the best massage I've received! It lowered my stress levels through the weekend!

Grace 10/7/2013

Aaaah! Thanks, Derek, I needed that!

Derek worked out muscle knots I've been struggling with for far too long. He brought life back to an area that had been numb from a pinched nerve, too! He was very in tune with and respectful of my pain level. I will be back for sure! THANK YOU!

kathy a 9/24/2013


Derek is a top notch therapist. Knows what he is doing and does it very very well. Actually got rid of my knots.

brian t 9/19/2013

Great Massage

My 90-minute Sports massage yesterday was amazing. Derek asked me questions about where I was sore and customized his approach to put extra focus on those muscles. His home studio is cozy and inviting. I woke up this morning feeling great--no more neck & calf pain!

T.D. 8/5/2013

Wonderful massage

I signed up for a 90-minute massage with Derek. And I love it! I don't normally like massages. I am very particular. But this was wonderful. He listened well and adjusted the pressure to my comfort. It was well worth it.

David A 7/18/2013

Best Massage Ever

I love getting back rubs and massages and get them every chance I get. The massage I got from Derek was the best one of my life. He was very tuned in to my likes and dislikes, and was adept at catering to those while providing me a wonderful relaxation massage. I highly recommend him.

Freeman Wicklund 2/17/2010


Time flew by - very professional and competent PLUS super nice guy, makes you feel right at ease. He has a very intuitive and professional style - and the heated table is like icing on the cake.

Dick S 10/18/2009

Another great massage!

I was snoring and drooling...... great job Derek, keep up the good work! With continued study and practrice you will be giving the BEST massages. I'm looking forward to seeing what skills you will learn next time.

William Panzarella 10/14/2008

Great experience

Derek was very inviting, comforting, and set a great environment. He was clear with expectations and steps, and did a good job focusing on the individual and my goals for the session.

Nick P. 10/1/2008
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